Decoding Schengen Visa Delays: The Emergence of ‘Visa Shopping’

Decoding Schengen Visa Delays: The Emergence of ‘Visa Shopping’

Acquiring a Schengen visa not only opens doors to a single Schengen country but also grants the freedom to explore other nations within the Schengen zone. Sometimes, travelers find themselves in a quandary while organizing their European journey, leading them to schedule visa appointments in one country while finalizing their travel plans for another. This practice is commonly referred to as 'Visa Shopping'.

Visa shopping involves applying for a visa from the consulate or embassy of one country with the intention of using it to gain entry into a different country within the Schengen zone. Travelers may opt for this route if they believe it might be more convenient or expedient to obtain a visa from a specific Schengen country, even if their primary destination lies elsewhere within the Schengen area.

As the volume of travelers continues to surge, obtaining visas for highly sought-after destinations has become increasingly competitive. Availability of visa appointments has also become constrained. Consequently, many individuals are choosing to apply for visas in smaller, less frequented countries.

While visa shopping might seem like a viable solution, it is generally discouraged and could result in visa rejections or travel constraints if immigration authorities discern that the applicant's true intention was to enter a different Schengen country than the one where the visa application was submitted. It is crucial to approach visa applications with honesty and transparency, adhering to the specific visa procedures of the Schengen country that constitutes your primary destination.

To dispel uncertainties regarding the point of entry, it is imperative for travelers to meticulously plan their itineraries and secure visa appointments well in advance. Spontaneous bookings, especially during peak travel seasons, should be avoided. A prudent approach is to plan at least six months ahead. Travelers are strongly advised to apply for a visa to the country where they intend to spend the most substantial part of their visit.

According to data sourced from, France, Spain,and Germany emerged as the top recipients of Schengen visa applications, while Iceland, Lithuania, and Latvia reported the lowest visa rejection rates.

In terms of ease of obtaining a Schengen visa, countries like Slovakia, Finland, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, Greece, and Italy were among the more favorable options. On the other hand, Malta, Sweden, Belgium, and France reported higher rejection rates.

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