Indians dreaming intensely of Green Card or Permanent Residency to the USA, it is your time NOW!

Indians dreaming intensely of Green Card or Permanent Residency to the USA, it is your time NOW!

Here’s some wonderful news for Indians who have been enduring a long stretch of a wait to procure their Green Card. According to the latest information procured from authentic sources, almost 800,000 Indians in the US are waiting for their Green Card, and they might get it sooner. 

According to the New Immigration reform bill by the US, the unused Green Cards can be ‘recaptured,’ and aspirants can reapply for the permits. This opportunity is for certain immigrants, though. It would help if you talked to the USA immigration experts in VisaMint Overseas Services to know more about this. They will tell you the fair chance that you stand for this!  

Salient features of the New Immigration Reform Bill passed by the US:

The US House cleared the reform bill of Representatives; the Bill constitutes the following significant information:

  1. To expedite the processes that help obtain PR sooner
  2. Suggesting an alternate path for the citizenships of dependents who naturally lose their PR status after turning 21

The US Senate is waiting for the clearance of the Bill before President Joe Biden signs it. After the Visa gets active, the fee would also increase for a few Visa categories, though, for instance, the H-1B Visa fee might go high. The Bill indicates a supplementary charge of $500 on an H-1B Visa. Additional visa fees might be incurred for PR permits and USA student Visas, too. Read the following expert from the Economic Times:

“The House bill also includes critical improvements to our immigration system to help individuals and employers who have been stuck in limbo for far too long finally obtain the security of permanent status in the United States,” said Jorge Loweree, policy director at the American Immigration Council. “We urge the Senate to quickly debate and enact these important measures, and we look forward to working with the Biden administration to make sure they are a success. We will also keep fighting for a more permanent form of relief for those who have been waiting for too long.”

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