There are many opportunities for Health and Care Workers in the UK!

There are many opportunities for Health and Care Workers in the UK!

Health care workers with plausible work experience and knowledge may now immigrate to the UK under the aegis of the Health and Care Worker Visa. This scheme is open for social care workers, care assistants, home care workers, and support workers in nursing homes in the UK. The experience that you would gain during this period will be invaluable! 

The health and care worker visa was introduced in August 2020. The Visa was the result of the Covid-19 Pandemic that has disturbed the world's peace. The Visa is a way to address the heavily burdened health care sector and come up with amenable solutions to deal with the shortage. 

This visa route allows medical professionals and dependants to enter and work in the UK with the NHS, an NHS supplier, or adult social care. Applicants are entitled to a 50% visa fee reduction, an exemption from the usually mandatory Immigration Health Surcharge, and an expedited decision on their application.

Specific additional roles have been included under the Health care workers routes, such as social care workers and care assistants. These roles have been added to the shortage occupations. The employees working under this scheme will get a minimum annual salary of £20,480. This will allow carers to qualify for the Health and Care Worker visa and benefit from the scheme.

The UK government has invested significantly to provide continued support to the NHS in line with long-term plans to improve social care in the UK. The expansion of this route follows an investment of £465.2 million to support the recruitment and retention of social care workers, particularly during the winter period and the worsening of COVID-19 cases in the UK.

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