Poland has wonderful opportunities for IT professionals. Approach VisaMint Overseas Services right away!

Poland has wonderful opportunities for IT professionals. Approach VisaMint Overseas Services right away!

Which country in the world doesn’t beckon skilled IT professionals?! Poland is no exception. Poland has a commendable demand for IT professionals and welcomes skilled IT professionals if they are promising enough to contribute to the economic prosperity of Poland. 

Poland has plentiful IT job opportunities, considering the country has the largest economy in Central Europe. Poland is the hub for BPO and Shared Services Center across Europe. 

Poland needs IT professionals, and there are many positions to be filled across the diversified domains of IT. The best places to work in Poland are Silesia, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, and Poznan. 

IT is a country that quickly adapts to innovation and swiftness. Owing to this, there is always a demand for IT in the region. The employers of Poland are always looking for breakthrough solutions for stagnant problems, and this is one of the reasons for the IT businesses to flourish in Poland. If you are looking for IT jobs in Poland, approach an authentic recruiting company like Sowelo Consulting. 

The future might see heavy recruitment in the IT sector in Poland. B2B businesses are becoming more and more relevant in the region, welcoming performing IT professionals. 

IT recruitment domain in Poland is looking for a robust workforce. Lately, Poland has seen an inflow of skilled IT professionals in many numbers because of the promising IT positions.

Poland is geographically conducive for IT professionals to travel around during reasonable time frames. Because no domain is left that IT doesn’t touch, think of any domain-aviation, railways, automobiles—IT is a booming industry in Poland, and you can certainly get lucky there. However, to work in Poland, you need to have a prior work permit. 

Here is how you can get a work permit to Poland:

1. The first step is to find an employer 

2. The second step is to submit all your documents and id proofs at the embassy 

3. You need to show your financial status and insurance details 

4. Apply for a work permit and 

5. Get a resident permit

If you are an Indian and wish to work in Poland, you first need to obtain a work permit through an authentic employment platform. If you are an IT professional, VisaMint Overseas Services will help you get your experience and academic credentials assessed for a suitable IT join in the country.

VisaMint Overseas Services will help you benefit from the employment platforms that seek skilled employees from India to Poland. However, the work permit you obtain for a specific job is valid for one job only, and you cannot do multiple jobs in Poland. If you plan to change the job after landing there, you need another work permit from the employer residing in Poland. 

However, there are five types of work visas to Poland they are:

  1. Type A work permit is when you come into an employment contract or civil contract with a potential employer who has a registered business undertaking in Poland. 
  2. Type B is the visa for a person who is a member of the Board and has already resided in Poland under the aegis of Type A Visa for at least six months in a given period of twelve months. 
  3. Type C Visa is issued for a person who has lived in Poland for employment purposes and stays there for at least a month—a project or any other requirement and was sent there by the employer from his country. 
  4. Type D Visa is for foreign traders who have come to Poland temporarily. 
  5. Type E Visa is issued for the people who do not belong to any of the categories mentioned above.

To procure a work permit to Poland, your potential employer should first evaluate your profile against the backdrop of a labor market examination and should be in a position to prove that no Polish citizen could take up the specific job. If you have been fortunate, your employer then needs to apply for your work permit. According to the Voivodeship, your remuneration in Poland should not be 30% lower than the monthly wage offered to a citizen of Poland for a similar position.  

Documents required to be submitted by the employer

· A completed application form

· Evidence of payment of application fees

· Confirmation of the legal status of the employer from the National Court Register

· Current records of the employer’s economic activity

· Copies of the applicant’s passport pages with relevant travel information

· Evidence that the applicant has health insurance

· A deed for the company

· A copy of a statement regarding profits or losses of the employer

· A copy of a contract under the service being provided by the business in Poland

Documents that need to be submitted by your employer:

Your employer is legally obliged to:

· Give you the employment contract in writing

· Provide you with a translation of the employment contract in your preferred language

· Check the validity and make a copy of your residence permit or visa

· Notify social security and health insurance institutions within seven days after the employment contract is signed, which gives you access to free healthcare, sickness leave, and other social benefits.

Benefits of procuring a work permit to Poland:

· Legally work in Poland

· Legalize your stay in the country

· Do the work defined in the work permit

· Sign a work contract with your employer

The Visa processing takes around 10 to 12 days, and you can start your professional journey in the country. However, the documentation process needs to be undertaken pretty meticulously.

For this, you must visit VisaMint Overseas Services and meet with the Poland Immigration Experts and get your queries clarified. You can also initiate the job search process with us in the IT domain and then allow us to do an impeccable filing of your case for you. Talk to us immediately to explore potential job opportunities in the IT sector in Poland. A day wasted is a dream postponed. Talk to us NOW! 

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