The noose around the Partner Visa for Australia is going to be tightened

The noose around the Partner Visa for Australia is going to be tightened

Here’s what you all need to know…

Things aren’t going to be as easy as they used to be for obtaining a Partner Visa to Australia. They are going to change from this month, i.e., 2022 onwards.

It was already declared in 2021 that Partner Visa related things would change, but nothing happened due to the looming Omicron threat. So, these changes are going to be implemented now.

This is for all the sponsors whose current Visa is expiring now- Under the aegis of your old visa program; the partner Visa rules are going to remain the same. However, with the issue of new visas, things will change. So, if your Visa still has time to expire, you can call your partner under the old system. So, if your Visa is close to expiring, you should know the latest rules in place for Partner Visa.

Partner Visa application has two steps:

· Applicant application

· Sponsor application

According to the old rules, the Applicant Application was submitted first. But now, the Sponsor Application will be submitted first. The Sponsor Application first needs to get approved before the Applicant’s. This means an increase in the complexity of the process. The approval of a Visa can take anywhere between 3 months to several months, depending on the strengths of the Sponsor’s application.

How much ever fair processing is done, there might be increased anxiety owing to the new rules. If you rush through the process, the chances are that you might not get the Visa stamped. So, you need to follow the process meticulously without becoming impatient. You need to realize that the residual rate for the Partner Visa is high (42% so far). So, remain calm and entrust the process to Australian Visa Immigration experts such as Visamint Overseas Services and get the job done smoothly. We will help and facilitate the process at every stage.

The Partner Visa applicants have to demonstrate their English Language Proficiency. Earlier, this wasn’t the case.

So, considering all the things mentioned above, it will be brilliant if you act immediately. Walk into any of our branches and talk to our Australian immigration experts. You might even WhatsApp us or Email us your concern, and we will be there to assist you instantly.

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