UAE Employees will now have a lot of time to relax: Employment rules to be tweaked!

UAE Employees will now have a lot of time to relax: Employment rules to be tweaked!

It was suggested by the Human Resources and Emiratisation that private firms need to practice the new working week system in order to create a healthy environment that would boost the employee morale and the productivity of the firm. 

In an interview with Khaleej Times, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar said that the private sector is advised to readjust employee weekly days off in a manner that is in sync with the company's requirements and objectives. 

A new labor law that will become effective from February 2, 2022, offers private firms flexibility to allocate timings to the employees considering the work requirement. "The law has not specified the day off, enabling employers and employees to reach an agreement in accordance with the work contract," said Dr. Al Awar.

The law suggests offering at least one day off per week per employee. However, it is up to the company's discretion to set a weekly day off for its employees, considering the workload. 

Mr. Awar said that private companies have to justify the role of their employees and have to fulfill their legal obligations as spelled out in the work contract. Under the new law, the employer must give the employees a break for Friday prayers. 

However, the government employees get a 2.5 weekend, and a similar thing does not apply to the private employees, Mr. Awar said. Private companies and businesses are governed by the new Labor Law, which grants employers and employees flexibility. 

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