Calling from Japan: Promising Avenues Abroad for Indian Nurses

Calling from Japan: Promising Avenues Abroad for Indian Nurses

Good news awaits Indian nurses, as Japan actively seeks proficient nursing professionals due to its aging population. Currently, caregivers from the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia are already providing their services in Japan. With this escalating demand, Indian nurses are now encouraged to participate.

Japan is facing a significant elderly population, with one of the highest numbers of individuals aged over 65. According to McKinsey data, the count of elderly individuals is projected to rise to 7 million by 2025. This demographic shift, coupled with a declining fertility rate, has created an uneven balance between the young and the elderly. The requirement for nurses is expected to grow to around 2.5 million by 2025.

The nursing profession in Japan offers substantial financial rewards, with nurses earning 8-10 times more than their counterparts in India. The allure of working in a technologically advanced nation is enticing Indian nurses to explore opportunities abroad, leading to considerable savings.

Indian nurses have an advantage in Japan, as they are eligible for a 3-year visa, extendable for an additional 2 years as needed. Favourable guidelines also facilitate extensions beyond 5 years.

Japan provides an excellent quality of life for workers, along with cultural acceptance, competitive compensation, global exposure, and a safe environment, particularly appealing for women. The role primarily involves elderly care, including tasks like providing meals, ensuring daily exercise, attending to basic needs, and handling cleaning and laundry.

To assimilate into the culture of these developed nations, nurses are actively pursuing certifications for international work and making efforts to learn the local Japanese language. These endeavours offer enduring benefits in terms of skill development and enriched work experiences.

Beyond Japan, nations like the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Middle East display substantial demand for Indian nurses. If you're a certified nurse aiming to move to a developed country such as Japan, seize this opportunity now. Secure your chance to obtain a Japanese work permit by partnering with VisaMint Overseas Services, the best in the industry for immigration assistance. Our unparalleled expertise ensures seamless guidance throughout the application process. Don't hesitate! Start your journey towards a thrilling international career today.

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