You can continue staying in Canada even after your PGWP expires

You can continue staying in Canada even after your PGWP expires

So, isn't that the same great news now? You need not worry about leaving Canada after your Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) expires. Here are some significant ways of extending your stay in Canada when PGWP expires. 

The Post Graduate Work Permit program is a one-time agreement. In simple words, it means the work permit would last as long as your Post Graduate course. For instance, if you are pursuing a yearlong PG Course, the WP lasts for a year. However, the PGWP can be valid for three years. 

A PGWP is an open permit, and under the aegis of this permit, you can work for any employer anywhere in Canada. Taking advantage of PGWP, you can later apply for Canadian Immigration under the 'skilled' migrant category, and you will get additional points for your work experience and education in Canada. 

The term skilled refers to Canada's occupations under the categories 0, A, and B. These categories speak of certain skills as spelled out by the National Occupational Classification. These skill levels are expected to change in 2022. If you want to know the skill level you belong in, you need to see the categorization on the Government Website. 

Having work experience in the skilled occupation is the fastest way of migrating to Canada through the Express Entry System. Certain programs will help you continue working in Canada after completing your education. Such schemes are called Bridging of Work Permit Schemes. These schemes help you continue working in Canada in case your PGWP expires before obtaining your PR. 

You can obtain your PR to Canada through the Express Entry System. Express Entry System patronizes three mainstream PR to Canada Programs that Indian opt to land in Canada sooner. The three programs are:
1.    Federal Skilled Workers Program 
2.    Federal Skilled Trade Program and
3.    Canadian Experience Class

The eligibility to obtain a Permanent Residency in Canada through this program largely depends on potential candidates' scores in the Comprehensive Ranking System. Higher education in Canada and work experience in Canada will add significantly to the score. It is here that you need to regard your Post Graduate Work Permit.
You will be invited to Apply (ITA) for a PR by the Canadian Immigration department if you are eligible and get the desired score in the CRS. 

Besides these, some more programs will help you land in Canada with a Permanent Residency (PR):
1.    Provincial Nominee Program 
2.    Quebec Immigration and 
3.    Atlantic Immigration Pilot 

Suppose the programs mentioned earlier do not cater to your requirement, and you do not seem to be qualifying. In that case, you can try to stay in Canada as a temporary resident by the work permits issued by LMIAs and Trade Agreements. 

If a potential employer wants to hire you for his company owing to your skills in Canada, then your profile will be subjected through the Labor Impact Assessment (LMIA). This process is time-consuming and is not free of cost. 

Other options are to procure a work permit via International Mobility Programs that encourage talent to come and stay in Canada, contributing to its economic, social, and cultural well-being. If you are a Film or TV artist or an entrepreneur, you can avail yourself of this chance. 

There is another way of getting a work permit to Canada underemployment, and it is the International experience to Canada program. But to get benefited from this, your country needs to have a bilateral agreement with Canada. 

All this might have deepened your desire to land in Canada at the earliest. You must let it happen because a PR to Canada will transform your life beyond recognition. 

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