Canada is sweet all the time, but sometimes a bitter pill to swallow

Canada is sweet all the time, but sometimes a bitter pill to swallow

The title applies to almost all the countries of the world. No country is synonymous with heaven. Some pros and cons define any and every country in the world. However, for an Indian immigrant, Canada is a haven considering its many benefits. Indians will, for the first time, learn what it means to live in a super-rich country with a considerably less population. You might be taken aback. Very little pollution and expansive green landscapes might keep you de-stressed for a long period until you even start experiencing the disadvantages. 

Here are a few benefits of landing in Canada:

  • If you know, Canada is the tenth-largest economy in the world. It means living in Canada drastically transforms your lifestyle. Living in Canada is undoubtedly an epiphanous moment for you. Living in a rich country means so many things. Primarily, it could be that gravity would act on you less. In simpler words, if you want to start a business in Canada, it will be a hassle-free process. 
  • Access to effective healthcare systems. However, healthcare in Canada doesn’t come free of cost. Typically an individual needs to pay somewhere around $9,000 to have his family covered. It is good by all means because when you can avail healthcare services free. The amount you pay varies from province to province. 
  • Canadians are more objective and tranquil people. And so are the people that migrate to Canada. Owing to these things, the crime rate in Canada is abysmally low, allowing your children to thrive in love and peace. 
  • Until K-12, education for your Children is free in Canada. However, university education is a bit expensive. But again, compared to other countries and the cost of education, Canada is much cheaper and offers a variety of accredited and recognized courses. 
  • If you live in Canada with your kids, then it is a dream come true situation for them. There are many recreational activities that Canadians and (of course you and your family) indulge in. The famous recreational sports in Canada are sailing, kayaking, snorkelling, fishing, and skiing. 

Besides all the aspects mentioned above, Canada has a very strong job market for highly skilled immigrants. If you own the right skill set, remember, you will never have to leave Canada. 
Having said the things mentioned above, let us now look at the cons of residing in Canada. Considering the advantages, the disadvantages are just a few. Nevertheless, we will discuss them here in this blog.

  • If you live in a rural province in Canada, you might not benefit much from the Canadian healthcare system. You probably might have to fly to the nearest city. 

  • Canadians feel that the government interferes a bit too much with their daily lives. You will find the governments’ interference and stipulated rules everywhere, and you must follow them religiously, without questioning the authority. 

  • Going through the Canadian immigration process is not without hassles. It is a detailed, cumbersome process, with scores, ranking systems, and accreditations that need to be produced and verified at every step.

  • Cold climate is one thing that might prevent you from staying in Canada. In some provinces, the temperature could drop to an insane -17 degrees. This is a kind of teeth clattering. So, this is something that you need to consider seriously because winter lasts for eight months in Canada! 

Canada is not limited to Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. If you live in remote provinces, then access to daily commodities could be a bit challenging. Of course, there are delivery services available, but that means increased spending. 

So, it might take a little time for you to get adjusted to the Canadian lifestyle. To explore greater possibilities and gain access to pertinent information that fulfils your requirement, you must visit VisaMint Overseas Services and communicate with our Canadian immigration experts. They will tell you fascinating stories about Canada and assure you of a speedy process to see you land there sooner. 

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