Germany is welcoming more migrants!

Germany is welcoming more migrants!

The new government in Germany plans to let in asylum seekers and skilled workers and offer them German Nationality without imposing any complicated procedures. 

Under the regime of Angela Merkel, Germany has decided to open borders for thousands of Syrian refugees in the year 2015. 

According to the German Immigration official website: A coalition deal agreed by the Social Democrats, Greens, and Free Democrats (FDP), the new government planned to make Germany a more appealing destination for migrants while making life easier for asylum seekers who are willing to integrate.

This coalition also agreed to introduce a law that would facilitate multiple citizenships. 

"As a rule, naturalization should be possible after five years, with special integration achievements after three years," the document said. 

There are many more benefits under the new law. Children born in Germany will be conferred citizenship if one of the parents, at least, has resided in Germany for the last five years.

Germany also is targeting the 'guest-worker generation of migrants who came to Germany in 1960s and 1970s from Turkey and contributed to what we call as the post-war 'economic-miracle.' 

Many people in Germany could not be naturalized owing to the language barrier. Or they were not allowed to have dual citizenship. 

Congenial immigration policies are now coming into existence, and unmanageable and non-friendly procedures are being rephrased. To this effect, visa processing will also be simplified for aspirants who want to settle in Germany sooner. Study and apprenticeship statutes for foreigners will be simplified, making their arrival in Germany sooner. 

Asylum seekers will be given quicker citizenship considering their credentials, and they will also be allowed to bring their families in four to six years. 

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