VisaMint Concierge Services

VisaMint Concierge Services

Immigration processes are replete with documentation work. These apparently simple tasks aren't that easy after all. VisaMint Concierge Services helps you take care of these simple yet tedious tasks effortlessly. VisaMint Overseas Solutions, owing to its collaborations and contacts worldwide, will see that you are served well anywhere in the world.

VisaMint offers the following Concierge Services for you:

  • Notary Service
  • Translation Service
  • Transcript Service
  • Student Education Loan
  • Exam Slot Booking
  • Banking Services
  • International Sim Card
  • Forex assistance
  • Travel insurance

Notary Service

All Visa procedures require the submission of notarized (attested by a notary) documents. VisaMint facilitates these procedures by collecting them from you, getting them verified and attested by a notary. Kindly walk into VisaMint to know more about the notary services we offer.

Translation Service

If you are applying for a non-English speaking country, the Translation services offered by VisaMint Global will help you convert the necessary documents to your chosen language. VisaMint offers faultless translation services with an amazing turnaround time (TAT).  Rest assured that translation services are undertaken professionally, and we double-check the documents to rule out even minor errors.

Transcript Service

Documenting all your academic transcripts is a tedious process. But VisaMint can pitch in for you and collect all your duplicate grade cards, syllabus, and other relevant things from the University. For any kind of immigration, your educational transcripts are a must. Some of the immigration programs might require you to submit all your educational transcripts. You may have to submit the grade cards, the provisionals, the convocation certificates, and many more. You might be suffering from a time deficit. VisaMint Global makes the document collection process easier for you.

The Universities you apply will ask you to produce the official copies and not printouts or carbon copies. Collecting these documents might be a burdensome process owing to your professional or personal engagements.  You can depute VisaMint Overseas Solutions for accomplishing this task for you.

Student Education Loan

Money should never be a hindrance to pursue your dreams. If you dream of getting higher education in a foreign country, you should also realize that it is costly. But VisaMint can help you avail bank loans to meet your expenses in a foreign country.

Our student education loan services will help you with:

  • Quick approval of the loan
  • Very low-interest rates
  • A time period to clear the loan is fifteen years
  • Avail a loan of Rs 15 lacs to 2 crores

Exam Slot Booking

Do you need to take a standardized test such as GRE, GMAT, PTE, TOEFLiBT, or IELTS? VisaMint will make exam slot booking easy for you. Talk to our consultant now.

Banking Services

When you are moving across geographical boundaries, currencies change. This might impact your peace of mind. VisaMint Global Solutions will make these transitions and financial transactions easier for you. Our connections with banking services across the globe will help you transact easily without losing peace of mind.

International Sim Card

The second you land in a foreign country, you can establish communication with your family. VisaMint can help you with International SIM Card services even before you reach your destination. You can pay in rupees to avoid loss in Forex conversions.

Forex assistance

VisaMint Overseas Solutions can arrange for quick foreign currency conversions (Currency, Travel Card & Wire transfer & Maintenance transfer) anywhere in India. All you need to have to avail these services is a valid passport, travel ticket, and a visa copy.

Travel insurance

VisaMint Overseas Solutions offers attractive travel insurance options for all international travelers. When you travel with insurance covered, you will feel peaceful. VisaMint can get the best travel insurance

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