Australia to open borders soon considering the festive season ahead!

Australia to open borders soon considering the festive season ahead!

Here's some very good news for people stranded worldwide waiting for the Australian borders to open up for them. Christmas is burning around the corner, and the Aussies caught elsewhere in the world can return home with all pomp and enthusiasm. 

The Australian Minister of Trade and Tourism, Dan Tehan, is set to decrease severe travel restrictions across the border and allow people to return home considering the forthcoming festival season. 

Focusing heavily on vaccination, Mr. Dan Tehan reiterated the importance of vaccination for people aspiring to travel. It is estimated that at least 45,000 and even more are barred from entering Australia. Out of this, 4,700 people are considered vulnerable. 

According to Mr.Tehan, the Australian government considers Travel Bubble arrangements to make Aussies reunite with their country. Negotiations on this have already started with New Zealand earlier this year. 

People who have completed their vaccination need not undergo a fourteen-day Quarantine period to reach Australia, which will speed up their travel objectives. Home quarantine arrangements in Australia will be established to fulfill this purpose. 

Australia is one of the frontier countries tightening its bet to fight the pandemic in the best possible way. To this effect, the country is administering facial recognition and location technology in South Australia to ensure that people are indoors and safe.

The Australian government is working incessantly to reach its "80% of the population vaccinated" target sooner. This means they will be heavy concessions on travel restrictions, and the country will zoom back to normalcy faster. 

Australia will soon see many quarantine hubs established on a larger scale in all epicenters like Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. The government understands that many people are desperate to return to Australia to reunite with their families or for any other significant reason. 

The government of Australia empathizes with them and wants to expedite the processes that facilitate this reunion. The Australian government wants to help the stranded Australians reach their homes and loved ones to celebrate Christmas together. 


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