Explore the options for Canadian Immigration with the Best Canada Consultancy in Hyderabad

Explore the options for Canadian Immigration with the Best Canada Consultancy in Hyderabad

Want to relocate to Canada? Explore your options for Canadian immigration. Contact VisaMint Overseas Services, the best Canada visa consultancy in Hyderabad. The territories of Canada have continued to positively commit to improving Canada's immigration process in 2020. Apply for a Canadian visa with the most reliable Canada consultancy in Hyderabad.

Over the last year, Canada's Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) have kept the number of provincial nominations stable and started to introduce new immigration sources to address their most urgent and unique needs, considering the challenges raised by the pandemic. Find out the process to obtain a Canada visa with the best Canada consultancy in Hyderabad.

The PNP is a migration initiative that the federal, provincial, and regional governments jointly manage. It provides the potential for Canadian provinces and territories to establish their own immigration sources to better address their labor force needs and priorities for economic growth. The PNP also seeks to spread the effects of global immigration across Canada more equitably.

Why the nation adopted the PNP is explained by the disproportionate number of immigrants moving to the largest regions of Canada, such as British Columbia, Ontario, or Alberta. One of the PNP's key goals is to enable migrants to live in minorities and migrate to less populated areas in the nation.

Since its introduction in 1998, the PNP has expanded significantly and now accounts for a very large share of economic migration to most of Canada's states and territories. Indeed, many of Canada's minorities, such as Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, are now dependent on this initiative to fulfill their demographic and labor needs.

If a migration applicant meets the PNP eligibility criteria of a particular province or territory, a provincial nomination is granted to him or her to apply for permanent residency in Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The PNP services are planned and managed by the states and territories to draw immigrants of all skill levels. Find out how PNP works with the top Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad.

There is at least once PNP stream in most participating provinces and territories that are compatible with the federal Express Entry scheme, which is Canada's key source of economic immigration.

Express Entry-linked PNP streams, also known as 'Enhanced' PNPs, allow Express Entry applicants to be selected by a province and invited to register for a provincial nominee program. A further 600 points are given to Express Entry candidates who are selected by a state or territory for their Comprehensive Ranking System score.

Candidates who seek permanent residency outside of the Express Entry system can also be nominated by PNP streams operating outside of Express Entry known as 'Base' PNPs.

Applicants can be elected by states and territories under either simple or enhanced PNP sources. The IRCC decides the assignment of nominations on a yearly basis on the basis of its preparation and assessment of the provinces' annual immigration levels.

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