Why should Professionals Consider Migrating to Canada in 2021?

Why should Professionals Consider Migrating to Canada in 2021?

Canada has always been a progressive and peaceful nation. It has planned to welcome highly skilled migrants during the years 2021, 2022, and 2023. Canada looks forward to welcoming almost 400,000 immigrants during this period. You could be the lucky one!

As a country whose primary objective is social and economic prosperity, Canada’s value system perfectly blends in with any person who is a visionary. Canada has opened its doors for skilled workers, economy and family class immigrants, and refugees

According to IRCC, Canada is planning to welcome 1 08,000 migrants under the highly skilled migrants category in 2021. Canada is seeking skilled migrants to keep its economy strong. 

Canada has always been inviting immigrants at the rate of 200,000 per year. This has been the trend since 1988. Climatic, geographical, and demographic factors will make Canada seeking immigrants in the foreseeable future too. If you have the right skill set, you shouldn’t even think about whether to migrate to Canada or not. You must!

The Pandemic cast a dent in Canada’s economy. Canada has been spending incessantly on Social Services since the incidence of the Pandemic. Now the country wants to become economically strong and so is awaiting migrants who have commendable skills to shape up the country’s future. 

Canada invites three times more immigrants than the USA. Immigration is critical to Canada for facilitating a healthy economic and fiscal system in the country. 

Canada’s birth rate is also one of the reasons for the country to invite migrants. The current Canadian birth rate is 1.47 per woman, which might fall further due to the Pandemic and its aftermath. There is a possibility of economic uncertainty looming larger in the given situation. 

To recover the economic situation, Canada will rely on the labor force to catapult its economic well-being. Above all, Canada needs to strengthen its tax base through immigration to support government spending after the Covid-19 Crises. 

Hence, considering migrating to Canada is a plausible option for you this year, i.e., 2021, if you are a skilled professional looking forward to contributing to the Canadian economy. 

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