Milestone Achievement: US Consulate Surpasses 1 Million Visas Issued

Milestone Achievement: US Consulate Surpasses 1 Million Visas Issued

In a remarkable milestone, the US consulate has exceeded one million non-immigrant visa issuances, with 10% of these being granted to Indian applicants. As per a report from, the breakdown of visa types includes 20% for students and 65% for employment purposes.

Notably, the consulate reported a 20% increase in visas issued in 2023 compared to the pre-COVID year of 2019, despite facing limitations in personnel for visa processing. The newly established US consulate in Hyderabad has alleviated some of the workload from the existing consulates in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai. This new facility exclusively handles visa interviews, while biometrics, drop-box submissions, and passport pick-ups are managed through the Visa Application Centre (VAC).


The contributions of Indian visitors, whether for tourism, education, business, or investment, significantly impact the US economy. The introduction of interview waivers for certain visa categories, along with remote work options for staff to expedite visa processing, has played a pivotal role in achieving this historic visa issuance record. Embassies have diligently worked through pandemic-related application backlogs, resulting in a substantial improvement in interview scheduling, which had previously faced delays of up to two years.

This accomplishment underlines the robust partnership between India and the USA, reflecting a step forward in strengthening cooperation and fostering mutually beneficial policies for both nations to flourish effortlessly.

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